“Reducing and or Eliminating Jobs (The Postal Service)”

There is big controversy with government and other entities about the job market.  In the world, there has been an economic recession where companies have lost money as well as letting go their employees.  I know that jobs are hard to come by and people need their jobs in order to survive.   And people can’t find jobs because companies aren’t hiring.  There has been talk about how pwople don’t have the educational backgrounds in order to pursue jobs that are available.  With that being said, the current event right now that sticks out the most is the eliminating of the postal service.  Over many years the postal services have done major things for America.  They handle American’s mail and provide delivery to all homes. 

Research has shown that the postal services are being eliminated because there was unprecedented cost and staffing reductions over the past decade.  The postal service is facing the equivalent to Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  They are on the brink of insolvency.  The shock doctrine states,  to save the postal service from disaster, the postmaster general wants to reduce the workforce of the postal service from about 640,000 to 425,000 by cutting 100,000 positions through attrition and 120,000 through layoffs”.  This will help stimulate the economy.  The postal service wants to reduce employee’s health and retirement benefits to the level of the private sector comparability standard.

It doesn’t seem right that it is probably going to be eliminated.  One reason why this may come into play is because of the technology.  The internet does remarkable things.  With the internet,  people can buy all postal goods and services online.  New technologies are coming forth and making employment better.  A computer is basically doing a task that a person can do.  And a computer will do it faster, for less money, and you don’t have to give a computer a salary.  CNN says, says that the US Postal Service appears to be the latest casualty in digital technology’s slow but steady replacement for working humans.  Unless an external force of funding comes in the post office will have to scale back its operations drastically simply shut down altogether.  That would be 600,000 people who would be out of work and another 480,000 pensioners facing an adjustment in terms.

I see many advantages and disadvantages to having the postal service eliminated.  When it come to the advantages, and it will save people and companies money and it will be easier to collaborate with other people and places.  When people have to pay their bills, instead of buying postage stamps and envelops, they can just pay their bills online.  It will make it much easier and have the ability to use less paper.  Another advantage of getting rid of the post office is that the government want have to pay salaries to the employees, including health insurance and pensions. 

There can be disadvantages as well.  With the disadvantages, the first thing would be that some people will be out of work.  It will be hard for those employees who are laid of f to get jobs because of where the economy is now.  Most companies do not want to hire new people.  It’s just a hard time now for employment.  Most companies are trying to save money and use the resources that they have.  The older and elderly people will be at a disadvantage in a way. This is because they are used to sending things in the mail and checking their mail at the mail box.  Some older people may not be that good with technology and may have trouble paying the bill they have online.

So the issue with the post office is a big controversy in my opinion.  Post offices have been here forever.  The mail is very important and for people who aren’t as good with computers and technology will be left behind.  However, I feel that they can be taught how its done.  Never would I have thought the post office would ever leave this world. But technology is changing day after and day and we have to stay abrupt and current with it.  I think going paperless can be an ok thing if its done right.  But the post office issue is something big.

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